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For questions about your driveway gate, ask our local experts!

We are the local gate experts and can diagnose any gate problem quickly and fix it fast to your complete satisfaction. For answers to many common gate-related problems, check our popular FAQs below.

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Why is there plastic dust at the bottom of my motor unit

The dust probably came from the main moving gear of the gate opener which is made from plastic. It typically indicates that the gear is misaligned. You should get the motor unit repaired as soon as possible because the misalignment causes the opener to perform less effectively and less efficiently. 

How do I care for my sliding gate?

The hardware parts, panels and posts require a thorough check for damage. If you discover any problems, opt for repair right away. The panels and posts need cleaning and regular repainting too. Pay special attention to the chain of the opener. If it is too loose or too tight, it should be adjusted. It requires proper lubrication too.