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Electric Gate

Benefits of Electric Gates

Electric gates are fast replacing traditional, manual gates. They provide homeowners with a lot of benefits, such as an increased level of security, enhanced safety, better convenience, and added value, and will always impress any visitor visiting your house. As such, it is only natural that these gates are becoming more and more popular by the day. To help you keep in track with the progress of modern times, we are always ready to help you with any service you may need regarding your electric gate.

Installation and Fitting Services

If you are planning to buy a new automatic gate for your house, then we are here to help you in getting it fitted and installed. We take pride in providing the highest professional service when it comes to electric gates, and therefore are certain to fit and install your new door to your satisfaction. Even if you are in the initial stages of your planning and are yet to buy the gate, we can help you choose the right one by giving you a brief overview of the many different types of gates available in the market. We consider all the factors when you consult us, and take particular care to ensure that the new system will fit the size and weight of the door. We will complete the installation with zero fuss, and your new gate will be ready for use before you know it.

Repair and Maintenance Services

As advanced as they are, electric gates face some problems over the course of their duration. For starters, cold weather often causes the metal in the gate to contract, which delays its opening and closing times. This cold temperature might also affect the battery and reduce its lifetime. Additionally, the gate might stop moving altogether, either because of the low temperature or due to some other technical reason. There may be problems with the opener, or the chain in case of a sliding gate. Even the moving arms of a swing unit may be at fault. With our repair services, all these problems will be effectively taken care of.

In addition to repair works, we also provide maintenance services to our clients. We will check the electric gate locks and openers thoroughly to identify the problem, and then take care of them with our maintenance. Regardless of your gate being either from a major domestic brand or a leading international one, we are well equipped to tackle the problems. Our maintenance services also include replacement of parts, such as a broken sprocket, gear or chain of the motor.

In short, our expertise in all things regarding electric gates allows us to competently deal with any problems or dilemmas you might be facing. Get in touch with us today and schedule a service!

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