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Handy Hints and Tips for Your Gate

Here we provide some really helpful tips for looking after your gate.

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Keep the tracks clean

It’s vitally important that your gate track is kept absolutely clean at all times. Being outside and subject to the weather, it can get dirty very easily. When it does, even the smallest obstacle will keep the gate’s wheels from rolling properly. In extreme cases, the gate can become stuck and won’t close at all.  For any questions about the care and operation of your home’s gates, give our experts a call. We’ll make sure your gate works perfectly all throughout the upcoming winter months.

Listen to the sounds of your gate

The sounds that a steel gate will make can tell you about its current condition and whether maintenance is required. If you hear a slight squeak, it might mean that the gate needs some lubrication. A stronger cracking sort of sound could mean it may need replacements or repairs. Our technicians can spot minor problems before they become a major headache. Give us a call today.